Our Team


Wendy Meister
General Manager
Darcy Kolodychuk
Kristina Lussoso
Finance Manager
Mino Lussoso
Sales Manager


Melissa Woods
Service Advisor
Nick Gareau
Service Advisor
John Kovacsics
Service Advisor

Sales and Finance

Travis Timmons
Sales Associate
Candy Belcourt
Sales Associate
Jon Lenton
Sales Associate
Chris Wiebe
Sales Associate
Michael Dawe
Lot Attendant

Accounting and Admin

Angel-Lee Fickell
Indah Irviani
Accountant/ Warranty Clerk
Kirstyn Carignan
Senior Receptionist/ Office Admin


Tyler Rychliski
Parts Advisor
Morgan Arndt
Parts Advisor


Thomas Brunen
Shop Foreman - Journeyman - Master Technician
Jimmy Fraser
Journeyman Technician
Codie Couture
4th Year Apprentice Technician
Austin Smith
2nd Year Apprentice Technician
Darian Schaalje
Shop Hand
Josh Fickel
Shop Hand
Alex Webb
Shop Hand
Cammeron Rogers
Shop Hand

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