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Welcome to our Finance Department, where every customer is a preferred customer! We understand that sometimes bad things can happen to good people. No one wants to suffer a job loss or any of the other challenges in life but the unfortunate reality is that these things not only happen, but they can affect your credit as well.

We take great pride in helping these people, who may have gone through a tough time, repair and rebuild their credit. We take the time to help those who are just starting out, work at building their initial credit. We also work for those with outstanding credit to maintain it. We can do it all!

Best Interest Rate Possible!

We put our customers first and always strive to get you the best interest rate possible. Our finance team boasts strong relationships with the many banks we work hand-in-hand with everyday, a large knowledge base, a perseverance that won’t be beat and most importantly exceptional customer service!

If you have any auto loan questions, feel free to ask us. We work with people all over Alberta, Canada.